Wednesday, January 31, 2018

10 Hudson Yards Has Achieved LEED-Platinum Certification

As the Hudson Yards megaproject continues to grow, in both size and height, one
of the buildings, 10 Hudson Yards, has made history as it receives the United
States Green Building Certification’s highest rating for sustainable buildings
— LEED Platinum Certification.

The Building:

10 Hudson Yards contains a total of 1.8 million square feet throughout 52 stories,
offering high-rise premiere office space and ground-level retail space on the West
Side. It opened in May 2016 and is now fully occupied with around 6,000
employees, including those at major brands such as L’Oreal USA and SAP.

The Features:

Earning any LEED certification is not easy and there are a number of criteria a
building has to meet, with Platinum certification requiring the most features.
10 Hudson Yards boasts Platinum- level qualities such as:
  • 1.2 MW of gas-fired microturbines that generates power and treats waters in a way that is twice as efficient as other traditional systems.
  • A storm water retention that uses rainwater to irrigate the building’s terrace landscapes.
  • A 100% raised flooring that allows for improve temperature control and cleaner air.
  • Acting as the Operation and Energy Control Center that coordinates building performance.

Hudson Yards has already earned many achievements in the development and
construction, so having this building win a LEED-Platinum certification shows how
great building can be when it comes to sustainability.

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