Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Important Ways New York City’s Landscape Will Change in 2018

Now that we’re well into the start of the new year, we’ve had plenty of time to
reminisce on all the construction projects 2017 brought New York City. Now, it’s
time to get excited For all the ways NYC is going to change in 2018. From
construction projects to conservation efforts, the city is in for a great treat these
next 12 months.


The new year will bring a number of new megaprojects to the city including:
- Essex Crossing
- The first phase of the Market Line
- The Rollins
- Waterline Square
- The Domino Sugar Refinery
- Hudson Yards


It’s no secret that NYC is in need of transportation improvement, so we’re happy to
hear that the MTA has announced an $836 million emergency action plans to
address some of the issues with the subway system. These plans include:
- Fixing 1,300 signals
- Cleaning the tracks
- Increasing the number of cars on trains (when it’s possible)
There are also plans to improve the bike infrastructure near the Williamsburg
Bridge and create protected bike lanes on 13th Street in a response to the L train
shutting down.


Mayor DeBlasio is continuing to rezone part of New York City throughout the year.
Several areas included in the plans are:
- Gowanus — plans are set to be released early this year.
- Jerome Avenue in the Bronx — set to create about 4,000 new apartments, 1,500
of which will be affordable.
- Inwood, Queens — aimed at creating new, ideally affordable, apartments.


Several supertall buildings are continuing to be built or nearing completion this year.
2018 will bring:
- One Vanderbilt — at 1,401 feet — will likely open in 2020.
- 3 World Trade Center — at 1,079 feet — will open this year.
- Central Park Tower — at 1,550 feet — is set to open next year.

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