Saturday, January 6, 2018

Upper West Side to Get 21-story Condo Near Trader Joe's

A new year definitely means one thing in New York City — new construction projects. One of the latest projects to be reported is a new 21 story residential building that will be located at 214 W. 72nd Street. While no demolition plans have been filed yet, this building will most likely replace some of the mid rise buildings currently sitting on the street between Broadway and West End Ave.

The Plan
The building is set to have only 20 apartments, one per floor, with the commercial space on the ground floor. Each apartment will average around 1,500 square feet, making many think that the building will be a condo building.

The Perks
Residents in the building will have access to bicycle storage as well as recreation spaces, but those plans have yet to be revealed. The building also offers residence convenience in terms of travel and grocery shopping, as it is located next to the 1, 2, and 3 subway lines and the neighborhood’s Trader Joe’s.

Speculation has put the project as beginning in spring and taking two years to finish.

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