Monday, September 11, 2017

The Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center is Coming to the WTC

As today marks the 16th anniversary of the attacks on September 11th, New Yorkers and those around the globe reflect on the moments that shook the U.S. as a nation and forever impacted our worlds. While we will never forget the cost of the attacks, it’s also important to move forward and continue to honor the lives of those we lost and celebrate the ones we still have — which is why we’re so glad to hear that a new performing arts center will be coming to the World Trade Center.

What’s Happening?
Billionaire Ronald Perelman has generously donated $75 million to help fund the new performing arts center, now aptly named for after him. The Robert O. Perelman Performing Arts Center will be located at 70 Vesey Street in the Financial District and will take the space currently used by the now-closed PATH station.

Who’s Handling the Project?
REX’s Joshua Prince-Ramus is designing the complex, which is being financed using Perelman’s donation in conjunction with a $100 million award from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

What Will the PAC Include?
As of now, there are plans for a Vehicle Security Center, which will be directly below the PAC. As for the center itself, there will be three separate theaters — with seating for approximately 499, 299, and 100 people each — that will also be able to be converted into a single theater that seats 1,200.

When is This Happening?
Groundbreaking on the project is set for 2018, while completion is not scheduled until 2020.

We will forever remember the events that took place on this day, 16 years ago, but we stand united as New Yorkers and we move forward as one.

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