Sunday, December 24, 2017

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn Mansions Turn into Christmas Spectacles

When it comes to the holiday season in New York, most people think of the Rockefeller tree and the numerous retail store window displays. But a subway ride away from all the Manhattan Madness will bring you to Dyker Heights, Brooklyn and some of the most wonderful Christmas spectacles you'll ever see. Every holiday season, the owners of these mansions take “deck the halls” to a brand new level.

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The History
The tradition of dressing up these historic mansions, some of which date back over a hundred years, began in the 1980s when Lucy Spata wanted to transform her dreary looking home and make it more lively during the winter. After a while, neighbors started doing the same, and today people travel from all over the world to view these beautiful displays.

The Decorations
While most people who decorate their homes throw up some lights and toss some tinsel around the house, the owners of these mansions take things a little further.  Most of them hire professional Christmas decorators to adorn their houses with thousands of lights and help with heavier decorations. Some homeowners spend as much as $20,000 every year to put on these displays!

PC: New York Off Road
If you want to visit these mansions, head to 11th Avenue from 79th to 86th Street in Dyker Heights!

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