Saturday, January 6, 2018

Inside the Construction of the Statue of Liberty Museum on Liberty Island

For decades, the Statue of Liberty has been the first thing people see when they arrive in New York Harbor. Since security measures have been tighter since 9/11, only a small portion of the current museum on the island has been open to visitors. However, in 2019, a new Statue of Liberty Museum will open and allow free access to anyone who purchases a ferry ticket to Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

Who Is Involved:

  • Phelps Construction Group
  • Stephen A. Briganti
  • Diane von Furstenberg, CEO of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Corporation
  • Edwin Schlossberg of ESI Design, campaign chairperson for the museum
  • FXFOWLE Architects

The Design:

FXFOWLE Architects is behind the main design of the building. Their designs purposely showcase the construction materials which are the same ones used in the construction of the Statue itself and Fort Wood — Stony Creek Granite, bronze, and plaster. The building will also have a green roof using the natural vegetation on the island as well as a “Liberty Mural” featuring the original, hand-forged iron bars made by Gustav Eiffel.

The Features:

ESI Design is responsible for the experimental design which includes:
  • An immersive walk-through theatre which tells the story of the creation of the Statue of Liberty
  • An “Engagement Gallery” to help guests explore the symbolism of the Statue
  • A recreation of Bartholdi and Eiffel’s studio
  • Displays of models of the crown and a broken shackle and tablet.
  • An “Inspirational Gallery” to give guests a chance to reflect on what liberty and the Statue mean to them as individuals.

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